Monday, 20 January 2014

Bodyline Review: Bolero L072 and Shoes 251

Hey everyone! On Thursday 16th January I received a Bodyline order I made on December 19th! I chose AIR shipping to be fair, but it doesn't normally take quite so long! Oh well. Everything arrived safe and sound.

I've only ordered one pair of Bodyline shoes before, back in 2010 and they were chucked into a shipping bag and sent to me. This time, however, I received them in a shoe box!

I was so excited! I love shoe boxes! Plus, it means my shoes arrived in pristine condition. They were stuffed with balled up tissue paper and each had a plastic stick inside to prevent loss of shape/denting. The shoes were separated inside the box with a piece of cardboard. I was really impressed.

There's not a whole lot to say about the bolero. It fits fine (though was a touch darker than I was expecting but that's ok because it matches the shoes perfectly) and is soft and great quality. I already own this bolero in red, and am pretty tempted to get the pink one next. I don't think you can have enough boleros, especially in the winter!

Anyway, onto the shoes.
My feet measure about 24cm, and I ordered size 24.5. They fit most beautifully. I have sensitive feet and these have just the right amount of room in them for socks and toe wiggling!

I like that the heel isn't completely thin as with ballet flats. These have just the right amount to be comfortable for walking. The scallop details are adorable.

They have really good traction, another thing ballet flats often seem to lack. I wore these shoes today and felt comfy and secure. The straps are easily adjustable and the poppers remain closed when walking.

I love the bows and shape of the shoe. They are nice and rounded so your toes don't get pinched or rubbed. I adjusted the straps after taking this picture and they are now perfect. I would recommend you not to buy shoes which are exactly the same size as your feet, but to round up to the next half centimetre. Overall, I am really impressed with these shoes, and I am pleased with my Bodyline order overall!

I wasn't very impressed by the £13.31 customs fee on such a small order but that's another story altogether!

Thanks for looking, and see you next time!


  1. Congrats on getting one of the elusive Bodyline shoe boxes! I have ordered BL shoes so many times and have only ever had one pair sent in a box!

    1. Haha thank you! I was so happy about it! I don't get why they don't just automatically give you a shoe box. Ah well-- this time I got lucky! :)

  2. Both the bolero and shoes look really nice!

    It's always the same thing with costums, isn't it - they charge way too much! Sadly BL aren't allowed to write other prices than the actual ones on the packages anymore, that used to be really convenient.

    1. Thanks! I'm really satisfied with them :)

      I loved when they did that! You could put half price declaration or be really cheeky and put quarter price! I miss those times, along with flat-rate DHL shipping! :P What annoys me is the way customs charge a "handling" or "clearance" fee. So you're basically being charged for them to charge you?! It's ridiculous!

  3. I love those shoes from Bodyline so much! They are super comfortable and also super cute! =D The bolero also looks super sweet. ^^

    1. They really are the perfect lolita shoes, aren't they? I must get some more!
      Thanks for your comment :)